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The House on Jonathan Street

Featuring Graffdummy, Mellah Nix & 3 Roads Communications
Documentary Premieres on Public TV

Saturday, Feb. 10, 1-6pm: Reception and Artist Talk with Graffdummy
Sunday, Feb. 11, 2pm
: Documentary producers and Artist Talk with Russ Hodge, Patrick Hodge, and introducing artist, Mellah Nix

The House on Jonathan Street

Quielan Gantt AKA GraffDummy resides in Hagerstown, MD. He was born to guide others through art with colorful and powerful creations using spray paint, acrylics, and various other mediums. His largest collection to date titled " The Bomb Era," is a body of works generalizing the freeform lifestyle of our creative generation. Being that we live in such a competitive yet creative era, the bomb portrays a metaphorical symbol representing our culture; "We are the Bomb."

Mellah Nix fearlessly creates visual art and music, letting his artistic vision intuitively guide him. Street art has a long and rich history that continues to evolve, and Nix is proud to contribute to its spunky character. Influenced by Basquiat, Nix values a naive art style, defined more by emotional truth and rawness than realism. He has also had the honor of collaborating with the 
renowned artist Kehinde Wiley on his Faux Real exhibition.


Please reach out if you'd like to purchase an artwork, contact Cynthia Scott, or submit any other requests.


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