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Kristie's World - Art Spoken Here

Art works by Gillian Grozier
Exhibition runs
Nov. 5—27, 2022
Opening reception: Saturday Nov. 5, 1-6 PM

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Gillian Grozier is a painter and writer who hails from England. She came to America as a young adult and trained at the Students League in New York City. She later worked with Anthony Toney, and she was a member of the Westchester Art Society and the Mamaroneck Arts Guild. Exhibiting works in oils, acrylics and mixed media, she won the Audubon Artists Michael M. Engels, Sr. Award, and taught painting in Chappaqua, NY. She draws from a considerable lifetime of visual and literary experience. Gillian has been a regular exhibitor in New York and Connecticut galleries and museums. She moved to Frederick, MD in 2016, responding to the vibrancy of the art community here. Kristie’s World provides a glimpse of our familiar town from the gaze of an empathetic outsider.

“Looking back now it seems as if art has always spoken to me. From the time I was little more than a toddler in war-torn England employing impossible-to-secure sable brushes and paints obtained by a determined mother, I have followed my imagination wherever it led me.

Over the decades my journey has taken me from savoring figure-drawing classes in my teens to more in-depth training at The Art Students League, followed by instruction at Columbia University and a mentorship from celebrated painter and muralist Anthony Toney.


Through it all I have followed an inner mandate—via my artwork—to convey that all things are possible. I truly subscribe to the belief that my marching orders now—as they have always been—are to share the beauty and mystery art provides to everyone.


Currently I find myself unveiling the fullness of my vision in Frederick, Maryland—a site that has been designated as one of the top 10 communities for art vibrancy in the United States.


I feel privileged and overjoyed to be a part of that thriving art scene—and to appropriately meet that challenge I have enlisted the help of my dearest old friends--acrylics, mixed media, pen and ink, watercolors and colored pencils. I hope you share my vision currently on display at the Gaslight Gallery or perhaps accept it as a challenge to create your own.”

- Gillian Grozier


Please reach out if you'd like to purchase an artwork, contact Cynthia Scott, or submit any other requests.


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